Luminous Ages Themed Decks

Dragon Dreama Expansion Decks2.jpg
Dragon Dreama Expansion Decks2.jpg

Luminous Ages Themed Decks


Ever wanted to raise an army and summon a Dragon God to rule the universe? Now you can with these carefully crafted decks for the Luminous Ages card game.

There are four themed decks to choose from, each one tested and balanced to ensure that no one deck is guaranteed to win against the others. It is all about finding the game style that you love.

White Deck: Specialises in buffing your army.

Green Deck: Specialises in strong creatures and summoning minions.

Black Deck: Specialises in targeted damage and debuffing

Purple Deck: Specialises exiling and manipulation.

Each deck includes cards 60+ cards of supporting colours as well as the main colour and new cards introduced just for these themed decks.

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